2015 Committee Work

2015 Committee Work

Committee meetings are scheduled as needed.

Building and Grounds Committee: David Williams (Chair), John Beckwith and Mark Weston
Oversees building projects and facility issues, including new construction and renovation.

Bylaws and Policies Committee: Library policies and bylaws are ultimately determined and approved by the Board. This committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding policy, bylaws, and legal issues.

DCL Foundation Board: Janiece Murphy (President), Demetria Heath (Vice-President), and Bob Morris (Secretary).
Oversees the Douglas County Libraries Foundation and approves funding requests. The DCL Foundation Board meets at the regular monthly DCL Board meeting, and schedules additional meetings as needed.

Finance Committee: Bob McLaughlin (Chair), and Mark Weston.
Oversees the library district's financial matters of the library, including the annual budget and audit, and large contracts.

Government Relations Committee: Demetria Heath (Chair), Janiece Murphy and Mark Weston.
Oversees library advocacy and political relationships at the local, state and federal level.

Personnel Committee: Bob Morris (Chair), Janiece Murphy, David Williams and Mark Weston.
Oversees personnel matters, including the Library Director's yearly review, an annual review of staff benefits, and oversight of the personnel budget.

Technology Committee: Janiece Murphy (Chair), Bob McLaughlin and Mark Weston
Oversees technological infrastructure and planning, as well as Board education in emerging technologies and trends.