Bylaws & Policies

Bylaws and Policies

The Board of Trustees (“Board”) of the DOUGLAS COUNTY LIBRARIES, (the “District”) adopted the following Policies in accordance with Colorado Library Law, Section 24-90-101, et. seq., C.R.S. and the Bylaws adopted on 29 November 1990, and re-stated on March 28, 2002 and as from time to time may be amended. These Policies were previously adopted by the Board of the "Douglas County Public Library System" in accordance with Colorado Library Law and the Bylaws adopted on 21 April 1988.

When Policies refer to the Library Director it is understood that the Library Director has the right to delegate said responsibility to the Library Director’s designees, unless otherwise noted.

These Policies have been organized into separate sections and subjects for the purposes of clarity, and the probable desire to amend and update said policies as may be required. Subsequent amendments to these policies shall be made in accordance with ARTICLE XIII of the Bylaws.

The Board establishes written policies to govern and guide library operation. The policies form the broad basis for procedures but are not a detailed course of action. The Library Director is responsible for the details of how policy is applied or complied with including related operational procedures.

Adopted: October 30, 2013

  1. Organization
  2. Terms
  3. Bylaws
  4. Access Policy
  5. Collection Policy
  6. Reconsideration Policy
  7. Code of Ethics Policy
  8. Lending Policy
  9. Community Service Policy
  10. Contributions/Gifts Policy
  11. Volunteer Policy
  12. Administration Policy
  13. Human Resources Policy