Donation Guidelines

Donation Guidelines

Douglas County Libraries is pleased to accept donations of new and used books, music CD's, CD-ROMs, and audiovisual items. These donations will be used for ongoing and special book sales. The money earned through these sales goes to the Douglas County Libraries Foundation to enhance programs and services.

We are not able to quote a value for the items you give us, but upon request a staff member will give you a receipt for the number of items donated and the date of donation.

Please do not make donations of:

  • Items in poor condition -- yellow pages, highlighted text, mildew odor
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines
  • Condensed books
  • Computer books older than 5 years

From experience we know that people won't buy these items at the book sales. We understand that it is difficult to throw away items that you have found useful in the past, but they have served their purpose. Please check with your local recycling agency to see if these items can be recycled.

James H. LaRue - Highlands Ranch does not accept donations of audio visual material; VHS tapes, music/audio CDs or DVDs. Goodwill and other charities accept these items.

Put large donations in boxes and drop the material off at the information desk during regular business hours. If you have more donations than you can easily carry from your car, please check at your branch’s Information Desk for the easiest way to deliver these.

Please call ahead (303-791-7323) for large donations to ensure that there is storage space.