Internet Use Policy

Internet Use Policy

Douglas County Libraries offers computer and Internet access to the public, free of charge, at all library locations. Anyone, regardless of age or residency, can use a library computer. Each library is also equipped for wireless Internet access.

Background: It is the intent of Douglas County Libraries to provide free, equitable, and organized public access to Internet resources. This access honors the fundamental library principle of intellectual freedom, an abiding respect for the dignity and privacy of individual inquiry. The Douglas County Libraries's website and catalog is committed not only to providing public access to this communication medium, but also to:

  1. The development and/or purchase of local information resources (such as the catalog of our holdings, periodical indexes and databases, and other text files and databases of local or regional interest, including information about the library)
  2. The identification and organization of links to resources the library believes fit its general collection policies, including selected professional concerns such as training in the use of the Internet, censorship, literacy, etc.; and
  3. Search tools that reach far beyond the efforts of Douglas County Libraries to the manifold offerings of the Internet.

Disclaimer: In total, Douglas County Libraries has no control over information accessed through the Internet. Douglas County Libraries cannot be held responsible for its content. As with other library materials, supervision or restriction of a child's access to the Internet is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian. It is also the responsibility of the child, whose curiosity is surely tempered by his or her judgment and upbringing. Much of the information on the Internet is timely, useful, and/or entertaining. Some of it is dated, erroneous or offensive. This is also the case with printed materials. Library users should cast a cautious and critical eye on any and all data they discover. The job of the library is access, not endorsement.

Using a Library Computer

  • A patron can use a library computer for 30 minutes at a time, using a library card. Computer Guest Passes are available to patrons who are visiting our libraries.
  • The 30-minute reservation will be automatically extended for 10-minute increments if no one else is waiting to use the computer.
  • When all computers are in use, you can make a reservation for the next available computer.
  • Patrons are limited to two (2) library computer use sessions per day.
  • Computers are available on a first-come/first-served basis; no advance reservations are offered. 
  • Library computers may not be used for any illegal activity or to access information that is considered inappropriate for access in a public environment.
  • A patron’s activities on a library computer are not recorded nor stored on the computer hard drive.
  • Library computers are rebooted at the close of each user session. This erases all of the information about activities on those computers. 

Wireless Access

  • Free wireless Internet access is available at all Library District locations. 
  • The wireless network is not secure. Please be advised that information may be captured by anyone with a wireless device and appropriate software.
  • Printing is available through wireless access.
  • Douglas County assumes no responsibility for the safety of user’s equipment, security or data files.

Copying, Printing and Downloading From a Library Computer

  • You can print pages from the library computers. Letter and legal size black and white copies are $.10 per page, or $.20 double-sided. Letter and legal size color copies are $.25 per page, or $.50 double-sided. 11” X 17” black and white copies are $.20 per page, or $.40 double-sided. 11” X 17” color copies are $.50 per page, or $1.00 double-sided. Mastercard and Visa accepted.
  • Personal computers cannot be connected to the library printers.
  • Information can be downloaded or saved from a library computer to a portable drive (USB, Flash, keychain drive, etc.). Douglas County Libraries is not responsible for loss or damage to downloaded data, files or hardware.


  • In accordance with State and Federal laws, all library Internet computers are filtered to screen out obscene and sexually explicit websites. Library computers designated for use by youth are more strictly filtered in accordance with the Federal Children's Internet Protection Act (CIPA) and Colorado's Internet Protection Act.
  • No filtering system is infallible. Douglas County Libraries does not assume responsibility for the accuracy of its Internet filters. Parents have the right and responsibility to monitor their children's use of the library computers and the Internet to ensure their safety.

For more information about using library computers, please contact Douglas County Libraries at 303-791-7323 or ask a member of the library staff.