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Douglas County Library Ends Fines on Picture Books | 12/23/2013 
According to a 20-year international study published in "Research and Social Stratification and Mobility", the number of books in a child's home is the greatest predictor of whether a person will achieve a high level of education...


DCL goes digital | 08/10/12
DCL will launch its Digital Branch on Wednesday, August 15, making library services and content more widely available to a digital audience, through mobile apps like DCL to Go and online content tools including OverDrive (e-books), Freegal(music) and Zinio (more than 5,000 digital magazine titles)...

Douglas County Libraries blazes a trail to get e-content to patrons | 7/19/12
There is a growing demand for e-books across Douglas County and across our state. In Colorado, e-books account for about three to seven percent of total circulation, but demand is growing rapidly...

Douglas County Libraries examines autism and debuts new service | 07/18/12
On September 6, Douglas County Libraries will debut Sensory-Enhanced Storytime, an inclusive program for children on the autism spectrum and all differently-abled children at a preschool developmental level...

A New Face on an Old Friend:Douglas County Libraries Unveils New Brand Identity | 07/11/12
Douglas County Libraries has adopted a new brand identity to reflect its role as an innovative leader among libraries, and its mission to advocate for literacy and lifelong exploration and discovery...

DCL’s e-book model gains interest | 05/07/12
Douglas County Libraries’ model for purchasing e-books directly from publishers is gaining interest from more and larger publishers. DCL has recently added five more publishers to its list of direct e-book suppliers, making thousands more e-books available to library patrons for borrowing...




The challenging landscape of e-books in libraries
Information Today, Inc. | 07/09/12
The overall growth in digital content of all kinds, and in particular, the growing importance and acceptance of ebooks, has clearly presented great opportunities for libraries, as well as plenty of challenges. Many libraries are coping with decreasing budgets while at the same time experiencing increased demand for content and services... 

Bibliotheca to support open source e-book model
Info Today, Inc. | 06/21/12
Bibliotheca, a supplier of technologies designed to enhance library efficiency and the user experience, is partnering with the library community to facilitate adoption of open source platforms for the delivery of electronic content...

Community reference: making libraries indispensable in a new way
American Library Association |  06/12/12
LaRue envisions a future where the librarian and the library are a central hub of the community. Librarians have the power to change lives and build community—but to do this, we have to...

OverDrive alternative: how a savvy Colorado library system owns e-books for real, saves tax money, and makes the books easier to find than OD does
Library City | 06/04/12

Navigating the e-book revolution
American Libraries | 05/23/12
It seems safe to assume that by the end of 2012, public libraries may be directing as much as 20% of their collection budgets to digital content. By the end of three years, it may be closer to 50%...

The future of libraries
The Star Online | 5/22/12
With the popularity of e-books on the rise, public libraries in the United States are contemplating a role change...

Doing it for themselves: libraries and e-books
Publishers Weekly | 04/26/12 
Lurking in the midst of the discussions of libraries trying to obtain ebooks from publishers is  a larger issue concerning not just control over ebook ownership, but the control over the delivery platform. If libraries rely on Overdrive, for example, to supply them ebook lending services, they’ve outsourced a critical piece of library infrastructure to an outside party...