1929 - 1942


An article from October issue of The Record Journal reads "The [Douglas County] Woman’s Club has decided to open the library to the public, free of charge, for the six months beginning with October 1st, 1929. The library is open on Thursday afternoon of each week from 2:30 until 4:30. Two books will be allowed to each card. Cards may be obtained by anyone over twelve years of age, those under 12 must have their parents signature on their card. The women of the club sincerely hope that the public will take advantage of this offer and make use of the books available."


Benefit tea for Woman’s Club library in new location of Castle Rock City Hall is held March 5, 1942. According to newspaper account: "It is hoped by the committee that in these times of sacrifice and worry, when many of our usual forms of recreation are abandoned, that many people will seek and find the books in the library a source of unexpected relaxation and entertaining pleasure."