1970 - 1979


First book depository in Parker opens in a small building (no longer exists) on the north side of Main Street. This building is generously leased to the library volunteer staff by the late Charles O’Brien for $1. This book depository contains about 500 books from the Castle Rock Library and shelves purchased with funds from a bake sale sponsored by the Friends.


Need to expand library is recognized. Philip S. Miller donates $5000 to start campaign. Fire damages the building housing the Parker book depository, so the library is moved to the basement of the Methodist Church on Mainstreet and officially becomes a part of the Douglas County Public Library System.


Friends of the Parker Library group forms. Friends of Douglas County Library hold gala dinner at Echo Hills club, Perry Park at a cost of $5 per person to honor benefactors. In September, the Third Annual Home Tour raises $1547.


Library Board requests Alden Briskey’s resignation in March. In April, 2nd annual gala dinner is held at Echo Hills Club for Friends of Douglas County Library. David Brunton hired as new Library Director in May. September Friends’ Home Tour nets $1800.


Library increases hours from 27 per week to 45 per week. Telephones authorized for Parker and Louviers branches. Home tour raises $1300. David Brunton resigns. Annette Milliron named Library Director. Annual Friends dinner at Echo Hills Club costs $5.75 per person. Additional 3660 sq. ft. proposed for library. Friends pledge $2000.


Library awarded $59,066 matching funds from federal government to build 3600 sq. ft. addition to library on Gilbert Street. Van Schaack holds auction to raise money for addition. Library addition groundbreaking held in July. Perry Park branch (volunteer staff) opens in June in stable. Library budget cut by County Commissioners in October.


Grand opening of library addition in Castle Rock held in February. In October, Annette Milliron submits resignation citing lack of funding and problems of last two years. Library asks for increased budget. County Commissioners discuss forming a library district. Kaki (Kathleen) Lehman of Parker is named as Library Director. In May, Douglas County Public Library System cancels reciprocal borrowing with other area library systems due to lack of funds. Reciprocal borrowing is restored in December due to public protest.


Parker Library moves from Parker Methodist Center to old Parker Methodist Church in February in order to expand. Philip S. Miller donates $3,540 for new carpet for Castle Rock Library. Friends of Douglas County Library annual dinner at Echo Hills Club features Pete Smythe, colorful Colorado broadcaster, as the guest speaker. Cost of $6 per person. 3.4 books are being circulated for every adult and child in county (63,780 items). Mill levy is .64. Friends group pays for 1850 sq. feet of sod and railroad ties for Castle Rock Library - installed by Optimist Club members and volunteers.


Pinery Home Tour conducted in April. In May, Kaki Lehman resigns and is replaced by Janice Mitchell. The Friends dinner in May at Echo Hills Club features Woody Paige, Denver media celebrity, as speaker.


In January, the Friends of the Library hold a Theatre Party at Bonfils Theater. On August 13, Centennial Library (small volunteer library in donated basement space of real estate sales office) opens in Acres Green. Evelyn Connor named as Library Director in November.