Text Alerts

Text Alerts

Get Your Alerts from the Library via Text

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We have a new service for anyone who wants to receive text message alerts for holds, and overdue items as well as courtesy alerts on their mobile phone.

The Library will text you when:

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  • Items you have requested are ready for pickup.
  • Items are due or overdue.

You may text the library to:

  • Renew items.
  • Find a book, DVD, CD or audiobook in Douglas County Libraries.

Choose these message options:

  • Receive notices for more than one library card.

All you need to get started:

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  • A phone that can send a text message to an e-mail address.
  • Subscription to text messaging with your wireless carrier. Standard text rates apply.

To Register for Text Notices

  • Enter the contact name, e.g., DCL notices.
  • Enter the contact e-mail address, dcl@shoutbomb.com.
  • Text the word SIGNUP to the new contact, dcl@shoutbomb.com.
  • >> It should reply and ask for a library card number.
  • Text your library card number.
  • >> It should reply and ask for your PIN number.
  • Text your PIN number (last 4 digits of your phone number).
  • >> It should reply with a confirmation.
  • >> It will also ask for your e-mail address. Texting your e-mail address is optional.

To find a book, DVD, CD or audiobook in Douglas County Libraries

If you want to know, from any location, if a book, DVD or audiobook is available at Douglas County Libraries:

  • Text ISBN, a space, and then the book’s 10- or 13-digit ISBN number. This will be coded on the item, e.g., ISBN 0375425969.
  • The service will reply and tell you which libraries have copies of the material or whether copies are not currently available.

ADDCARD ADDCARD Add a secondary library card to your notification account
DROPCARD DROPCARD Remove a secondary library card
HOLDS MANTENER Hold notices Opt In/Out
ISBN ISBN Library catalog search by ISBN
NOTICES AVISOS Current status of all your Opt In/Out services
OVERDUE ATRASADO Overdue notice Opt In/Out
QUIT SALIR Stop this text notices service
RENEW RENOVAR Renew notices Opt In/Out
RESEND REENVIAR Resend the last message
SIGNUP REGISTRESE Register for this text notices service
SWITCHPHONE SWITCHPHONE Updates information for new phone number or carrier