Local Author Showcase - October

Local Author Showcase

James H. LaRue Library in Highlands Ranch
Saturday, October 11 2pm

Local Author ShowcaseDiscover local authors and the books they wrote

Come enjoy light refreshments as you listen to local authors talk about their books! The authors presenting include: Steven Berger, D.D. O'Lander, Sean P. Curley, Tricia Lott Williford, Stephanie Smith, Teresa Fischer, Diane Sawatzki, Dede Stockton, Terry Bledsoe, Sharon Gerdes, Sue Phillips Maher. Registration is required.

The authors will each have 5 minutes to discuss their work; a book sale and signing will follow. For more information on the local author showcase series or to apply, email Lisa Casper at: lcasper@dclibraries.org.

Ursula's Yahrtzeit candleSteven Berger
Ursula’s Yahrtzeit Candle
Ursula Frank, who has seen it all from Nazi-scorched Europe to pre-Castro Cuba, interrupts the gang initiation of Reuben Montanez, a 17 year old hoping for a better life. By listening to Ursula’s life story, Rueben just might find a better life. This book received honorable mention at the Southern California Book Festival.

D.D. O’Lander
“Emerald Target”
December 1941, Ellie Greer of MI6 finds herself the obsession of a Nazi psychopath. Narrowly escaping death Ellie and a military team find themselves hunting U-boat bases along the Greenland coast. So begins this tale of action, intrigue and romance.

PropositumSean P. Curley
If Jesus did not exist, then how did Christianity form? Inside a rich landscape of the failing Roman Republic and a tumultuous Jewish population is an ambitious and visionary ex-Senator who conspires with Paul of Tarsus to create something…better. This provocative historical novel melds the birth of Christianity with recent scholarly works and delivers a shocking, but plausible story of Christianity’s formation.

And Life Comes BackTricia Lott Williford
And Life Comes Back – a Wife’s Story of Love, Loss and Life Reclaimed
When Tricia’s 35-year-old husband died, she wanted answers. In this book she writes about her tender, brave journey as a widow with two young boys in the months after their loss. She documents the tenacity of love, transience of each moment and laughter that comes even in loss.

The Belly Dancer's CompanionStephanie Smith
“The Belly Dancer's Companion”
Belly Dance your way to fitness in a challenging 10 week program designed to help you tone, trim and enjoy a better body. Each week’s workout incorporates an exciting combination of core and Belly Dance moves that will get your heart pumping and muscles working. Today is the day to shake things up and shimmy yourself to a better body!

Prey for MeTeresa Fischer
“Prey for Me”
Lacy Carter is not who she pretends to be. After six months of hiding from her stalker, a chance meeting with a firefighter, Trey, sparks hope for a normal life – until she finds a pink rose in her locked car. Trey can’t forget Lacy after she disappears. When she becomes a suspect in several arson cases, Trey dives headlong into a conflict of interest, but can they trust one another?

Once Upon Another TimeDiane Sawatzki
“Once Upon Another Time”
Kate MacKenzie a recently-widowed biology teacher is snowshoeing in Colorado when a bear startles her and she falls down a passage into the year 1863. There a Ute Indian befriends her and she explores territorial Colorado while trying to find her way back to the 21st century.


Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever!Dede Stockton
Sammi Jo and the Best Day Ever!
Have you ever needed a new friend? Sammi Jo desperately needs a new friend as she heads to the shore with her parents for the summer. Sammi Jo meets a new friend in a most unusual place and soon explores the sea with, Screech, as her guide. Dive into their adventure!

Terry Bledsoe
“The Unexpected Bodyguard”
A young privileged coed is cast into the dark ocean of drug lords with a thirst for vengeance against her father. Her only life preserver is an old Army veteran. Terry will also talk about the sequel Killer Eve.

Back in Six WeeksSharon Gerdes
Back in Six Weeks
It’s 1980, and Kate wants it all – her career as a food scientist, her sexy pilot husband, and a family. After the birth of her second child she falls into postpartum psychosis and it derails her life. As she struggles to pull together her shattered life, the more she fears she will lose everything.

Living in the Shadow of GraceSue Phillips Maher
“Living in the Shadow of Grace”
An ordinary North Carolina family deals with the unexpected loss of Lydia Fitzhugh’s young husband. Lydia narrates the story of rebuilding her life. Along the way, retrospection and introspection lead her to accept and embrace her mentally ill mother and understand grace.

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Saturday, October 11, 2014 - 2:00pm - 4:00pm