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Douglas County Libraries in Louviers is worth the short trip to its location on the second floor of the historic Village Club House in the former DuPont Company town of Louviers. The library features charming surroundings, reading rooms for kids and adults, a carefully-curated collection for patrons of all ages, and full access to Douglas County Libraries complete catalog holdings.

Many items in the Louviers collection circulate only to patrons who visit the library in Louviers (they don’t fill holds for patrons at other library locations). See Fines, Fees & Borrowing for more information.

Events at Louviers

Kids will love Storytime at Louviers, held every Saturday at 10 a.m., but perhaps the best event at Louviers is a trip to the town itself, which was founded by DuPont executives in 1906 to house employees of its successful dynamite production company. The Village Club House was added in 1917, and in 1924 its reading room was expanded in to a lending library. When you visit, be sure to pick up a beautiful brochure about “Louviers: A Quintessential Company Town.”

Louviers Branch - Douglas Co. Library

History of Louviers 

In 1906 DuPont executives purchased 1,800 acres of land three miles north of Sedalia between Denver and Colorado Springs for their new explosives plant.  When the plant opened in 1908, taking advantage of existing rail lines and proximity to Denver, it was named Louviers, after the site of a woolen-cloth factory founded by the Du Pont family in Delaware in the early 1800s. The site of that factory had, in turn, been named after the town of Louviers, France, which was located near the center of the French woolen industry. Louviers included houses, stores, a school and a library for workers and their families of this newly developed village.  

DuPont transferred ownership of the Village Club to Douglas County in 1975. The DuPont explosives plant closed in the early 1980’s and Louviers Village was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1999.

Today, the arts-and-crafts style Village Club serves as a meeting hall, the bowling alley and the Loviers location of the Douglas County Libraries. Louviers Village is one of two best preserved company towns in Colorado.

Information from the DuPont website.

"Aunt Duddie and Friends, Louviers Flats" - from the Douglas County History Research Center - Photo collection.

For more information, photos and wonderful oral histories, visit the Douglas County Historic Research Center located in Douglas County Libraries - P.S. Miller, Castle Rock.

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