Meeting Rooms

James H. LaRue/Highlands Ranch Community Meeting Rooms:

Shea Meeting Room A - Capacity of 60 people, projection screen and Wi-Fi Internet access.
Shea Meeting Room B - Capacity of 35 people, Wi-Fi Internet access.
Shea Meeting Rooms A & B Combined - Capacity of 100 people, Wi-Fi Internet access.

Groups are limited to 12 meetings per year.

Lone Tree Community Meeting Room:

Community Meeting Room - Capacity up to 25 people, projection screen, Wi-Fi Internet access.

Groups are limited to 12 meetings per year.

Parker Community Meeting Rooms:

Adam and Dorothy Miller Large Meeting Room - Capacity of 70.
Conference Room - Capacity of 10.

Groups are limited to 12 meetings per year.

Philip S. Miller Community Meeting Rooms:

Castle Rock Bank Meeting Room - Capacity of up to 130 people, with projection and sound systems. This room can also be divided into two smaller rooms.
Great Southwest Construction Conference Room - Located in main library with space for up to 10-12 people.
James H. LaRue Meeting Room - Located in main library with space for up to 21 people.

Groups are limited to 24 meetings per year.

Roxborough Community Meeting Rooms:

The Lockheed Martin Community Meeting Room - Capacity up to 40 people.

Groups are limited to 24 meetings per year.

  • Meeting Room Reservations - Rooms reserved for groups of 8 people or more; groups are limited to 12 meetings per year at each of the following locations: James H. LaRue/Highlands Ranch, Parker and Lone Tree. Groups are limited to 24 meetings per year at the following locations: Roxborough and Philip S. Miller (Castle Rock).
  • Study Rooms - Rooms reserved for two hours or less for eight people or less, depending on the room size. Reserve a Study Room »
  • Castle Rock Community Bandstand - Located in the west parking lot of Philip S. Miller Library, the bandstand is an open-sided performance area 18 feet in diameter. Reserve the Bandstand »

Meeting Rooms are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Meeting rooms are free for non-profit and community groups, which are also given preference in reservations. For-profit groups may reserve rooms when space is available. All meetings must be free of charge to the public.

Meeting room sizes and accommodations vary from library to library. If you would like help in requesting a meeting room, please call (303)-791-7323 or visit your local library.

Meeting Room Guidelines:

  • Groups may NOT reserve more than a total of 24 meetings in Douglas County Libraries branches in one calendar year, or exceed the individual library limits listed above.
  • Programs held in the meeting room must not disrupt the use of the library by others
  • Groups are responsible for setup and clean-up of chairs, tables, and any refreshments.  A fee will be charged for cleaning, repairs or replacements due to excessive damage.
  • Please end meetings 10 minutes before library closure.
  • Light refreshments may be served.
  • The use of alcoholic beverages is prohibited unless special permission is granted by the Library Board of Trustees.  Please see Alcohol Use Request Form for information on how to submit an application.
  • Use of tobacco is prohibited everywhere in the library.
  • No storage is provided for groups using the library, and the library will not be responsible for anything left in the building.
  • Private parties or receptions are not permitted.
  • Audio-visual and computer equipment available at each library is listed on the reservation form.  All technical support is the responsibility of the group booking the room.
  • The library manager must grant specific permission for any group wanting to charge a fee for supplies, services or fundraising.
  • Permission to use facilities does not constitute endorsement by the library.  No advertisement or announcement implying such endorsement will be permitted.
  • Non-profit groups may be asked to provide a copy of their IRS Determination Letter, their Articles of Incorporation or a Tax Exempt Certificate
  •  Groups may be requested to provide Proof of Insurance
  •  Please do not attach any material to walls, windows, doors or hallways leading into the meeting rooms.

Meeting Room Publicity Guidelines:

  • Library-sponsored meetings, workshops, and events are those that are organized, co-organized, or specifically requested by library staff. These events will be promoted via Douglas County Libraries' standard publicity channels. Please feel free to contact us about promotions for your library-sponsored program.
  • Non-library-sponsored meetings, workshops, and events are those scheduled to occur in library meeting rooms, but which do not qualify as library-sponsored events and do not receive support from library staff or resources beyond the provision of the room.
  • Please include the following statement on any/all promotional materials, including, but not limited to signs/posters, flyers/mailings, press releases, online promotions, etc:

[Event] is funded and presented by [organization/individual] and is not sponsored by Douglas County Libraries. For more information, please contact [insert your contact name & phone number; do NOT include library contact information without prior consent from the manager of the library where your meeting will be held].

Access to free meeting rooms is a service of Douglas County Libraries. Donations are appreciated.

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