Great Books Discussions -- Lone Tree Library

The Lone Tree Great Books Group meets on the first Thursday night each month from 7 PM to approximately 8:30 PM at the Lone Tree Library.

We will follow the general open-ended "Shared Inquiry" discussion guidelines of the Great Books Foundation (GBF). And, as the GBF guidelines suggest, participants are expected to meet with the group regularly and to have read the material thoroughly in order to participate in the discussions. Of course, emergencies happen, and life occasionally gets in the way; so if you will be unable to attend, please notify one of the facilitators by phone or email.

The following is our tentative schedule for the coming months. Always subject to change, changes will be announced and posted well in advance of the discussion sessions. Please be sure your facilitators have your up-to-date email address and phone numbers.

Facilitator: David Williams (303)708-8854,

Date (2016) Title Author
April 7 Babylon Revisited F. Scott Fitzgerald
May 5 The Custard Heart Dorothy Parker
June 2 The Man Who Corrupted Hadleyburg Mark Twain
July 7 On the Advantage and Disadvantage of History for Life (excerpt) Friedrich Nietzsche
August 4 A Woman of Fifty W. Somerset Maugham
September 1 My Wife Is a White Russian Rose Tremain
October 6 The Devil Baby at Hull House Jane Addams
November 3 The Man Who Could Work Miracles H. G. Wells
December 1 Theft In a Pastry Shop Italo Calvino
January 5, 2017 Fat People Alison Lurie