I Feel A Change Comin' On

E-books put pressure between libraries and publishers

E-books have changed the world of publishing in fundamental ways. The business model that encouraged publishers to support the work of public libraries has changed to such an extent that this relationship has been stressed to the point of non cooperation. Listen to Douglas County Libraries' former Director Jamie LaRue and Kansas State Librarian Jo Budler discuss these issues with host Lynn Neary on NPR’s Morning Edition.

Local Author Showcase Details and Deadlines

Local Author Showcase Details and Deadlines

Douglas County Libraries is fortunate to be approached by many local authors who would like to share their work with library patrons through presentations and signing events. DCL is a passionate advocate for literacy and lifelong learning, and supports local authors in their efforts.

Doing Business With DCL

Douglas County Libraries has joined the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing system. The Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing system is an on-line notification system that is being utilized by multiple agencies within the State of Colorado. Participating agencies post their bids, quotes, proposals, addendums and awards on this one centralized system.

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