New library patrons: 24,955
Items in our collection: 708,797
Items checked out: 7,911,290
Library visits: 1,947,814
Reference questions answered: 331,682
Attendance at programs & events: 199,751
Audio books and movies downloaded: 27,490
Children who attended storytime: 145,000
Website visits: 2,072,280
Online database searches: 303,336
Volunteer hours: 28,099

In the 2009 Hennen’s American Public Library Ratings, Douglas County Libraries ranks first nationwide among libraries serving populations of 100,000 to 250,000. Ratings are based on statistics collected from nearly 9,000 public libraries measuring 15 factors.

In response to decreased funding, the Douglas County Libraries Board of Trustees implements budget cuts and belt tightening efforts:
• Cherry Valley Library closes.
• Douglas County Libraries retires its Bookmobile.
• Louviers Library expenditures are cut roughly in half.
• Library materials budget is reduced by $275,000.
• A hiring freeze is put into effect; library staffing is reduced through attrition, reassignment, and administrative efficiency.

The Oregon-California Trails Association recognizes the work of the Douglas County History Research Center at Douglas County Libraries with a prestigious Distinguished Service Award for outstanding contributions to the preservation and protection of historic emigrant trails. The DCHRC is home to an important collection of aerial photographs documenting the presence of the Cherokee/Trappers’ Trail in Douglas and Elbert County.

The Douglas County Libraries Contact Center achieves a 97% satisfaction rating in a survey run on that department. In November, the Contact Center also assists the Elections Department to provide better and faster service to Douglas County citizens, while pooling resources and saving costs.

Old friends and new gather for the book launch of the Perry Park Story, a reprint funded by Douglas County Libraries Foundation that documents the community’s story from the beginning to present.

Castle Pines Library opens in November. Fundraising efforts garner 300 new donors and $25,000 in pledges. Thousands participate in fundraising events that raise nearly $12,000. More than 900 people attend a grand opening celebration, after the facility is made ready in just eight weeks from start to finish.

Libraries inspire people like Dr. and Mrs. Robert Sullivan and Mrs. Verna Daughenbaugh, whose generous donations to Douglas County Libraries Foundation fund children's department renovations at the libraries in Castle Rock and Parker.

Parker Library is remodeled with no closures and minimal interruption to patron services. The result is a new entry and beautiful new children’s area.

The Louviers community rallies against the odds to keep its library open. Citizens raise nearly $18,000 to help cover operating expenses.

Douglas County Libraries launches new and informative blogs including DCL Book Chat and Bottles2Backpacks.

Douglas County Libraries and eight Douglas County Schools participate in Battle of the Books for the first time.

Fifty new Book Start volunteers are trained to read to children in Douglas County childcare centers. They bring early literacy activities to nearly 6,700 children per month.

Hundreds of students prepare for and take the GED exam at Douglas County Libraries. By the end of 2009, DCL boasts more than 200 graduates.

Author David Baldacci headlines the Author Extravaganza Signature Event. “An Evening with David Baldacci” is part of the Author Extravaganza: a group of events highlighting writers and their craft, which includes the Castle Rock Writers Conference.

Douglas County Libraries broadens its collection to include downloadable eBooks and meet a need created by new digital reader technology.