Doing Business With DCL

Douglas County Libraries has joined the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing system. The Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing system is an on-line notification system that is being utilized by multiple agencies within the State of Colorado. Participating agencies post their bids, quotes, proposals, addendums and awards on this one centralized system.

Vendors are encouraged to register and become familiar with the Rocky Mountain E-Purchasing System at: Vendor registration is FREE; however, vendors may select to receive automatic e-mail notification for a small annual fee. It is the responsibility of the potential vendor to monitor the website regularly in order to be aware of business opportunities and review changes or addendums to bids, quotes, and proposals.

If you are currently registered as a vendor on this system, you do not need to register separately for Douglas County Libraries.

For further information, please contact: Chuck Geoffrion, Sr. Purchasing Analyst, , 303.660.2946