Early Literacy Stations

We have acquired Early Literacy Stations (ELS), complete educational solutions loaded with 50 educational software titles for kids ages 2 to 10. The computers are currently available at the Philip S. Miller (Castle Rock), Parker, Lone Tree, James H. LaRue (Highlands Ranch) and Castle Pines libraries.

Each workstation's software covers reading, math, science, social studies, writing, arts, music, and reference. "We're so pleased with the diversity of the software on the ELS," said James H. LaRue youth librarian Laura Baldassari-Hackstaff. "It really offers something for toddlers and much older children alike, in a lot of different subject areas."

Each ELS is an engaging and age-appropriate standalone computer that sports a colorful keyboard and kid-sized mouse for easy learning and discovery. Many of its offerings are games and activities that disguise learning as fun.

The ELS has an imaginative, intuitive interface that encourages exploration. "It's wonderfully easy for parents and even the youngest children," said Baldassari-Hackstaff. "The categories are across the top, and options drop down when a child rolls over them with the mouse."