TumbleBooks are now Mobile and iPad-friendly

TumbleBooks offers more than 100 iPad & Mobile compatible titles.

TumbleBooks is an online collection of animated, talking picture books. They take existing picture books, add animation, sound, music and narration, and produce an electronic picture book you can read, or have read to you. A perfect reading resource for today’s digital learner. Books are also available Spanish. (Libros también están dispondibles en Español.)

The Tumblebooks site now redirects all hand held device users to the "iPad and Mobile Device" site creating a seamless way to view all the Tumblebook titles.

If you are having issues viewing an ebook (eg: you see a white screen where the book should be), you may have inadvertently landed on the "Flash" site. Flash animation is not available on mobile and iPad devices.

To make sure you are on the correct site, after you have logged in, check to see if the title in the site's header reads: "TumbleBookLibrary – For iPad and Mobile Devices".  If it does not say this, click on "Choose" at the top right corner and select "Mobile" and then click "GO". Your page should refresh and now state "For iPad and Mobile Devices". Another way to check is to go to the "Story Books" section and check to see if the titles read as "TITLE (iPad)". For example: "50 Below Zero (iPad)".