Douglas County Libraries' Film Series

Essential Films at the James H. LaRue/Highlands Ranch Library

Monday Night at the Movies is back with these classic films, hosted by local teacher and film enthusiast Matt Wigdahl. Films will be shown in the Shea A meeting room. Registration is required.

Essential Film SeriesSome Like It Hot
Monday, September 30 6:30 pm
Highlands Ranch Library

Musicians Joe (Tony Curtis) and Jerry (Jack Lemmon) lose their jobs when a speakeasy owned by mob boss Spats Columbo (George Raft) is raided by prohibition agent Mulligan (Pat O'Brien). Several weeks later, on February 14th, Joe and Jerry get a job performing in Urbana and end up witnessing a gangland massacre in a parking garage. Fearing that they will be next on the mobsters' hit lists, Joe devises an ingenious plan for disguising their identities. Soon they are all dolled up and performing as Josephine and Daphne in Sweet Sue's all-girl orchestra. En route to Florida by train with Sweet Sue's band, the boys (girls?) make the acquaintance of Sue's lead singer Sugar Kane (Marilyn Monroe, in what may be her best performance). Joe and Jerry immediately fall in love, though of course their new feminine identities prevent them from acting on their desires. Still, they are determined to woo her, and they enact an elaborate series of gender-bending ruses complicated by the fact that flirtatious millionaire Osgood Fielding (Joe E. Brown) has fallen in love with "Daphne." The plot gets even thicker when Spats Columbo and his boys show up in Florida.
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Innocents Abroad at the Philip S. Miller Library

Travelers out of their element is the theme of these movies. Moderated by film enthusiast Matt Wigdahl, a discussion will follow each viewing. Showings will take place in Castle Rock Bank Room East. Free popcorn and water will be provided. Registration required.

Innocents Abroad film seriesBlack Narcissus
Tuesday, October 1 6:30 pm
P. S. Miller Library, Castle Rock

Deborah Kerr and Kathleen Byron play the head nuns at an Anglican hospital/school high in the Himalayas. The nuns' well-ordered existence is disturbed by the presence of a handsome British government agent (David Farrar), whose attractiveness gives certain sisters the wrong ideas. Meanwhile, an Indian girl (Jean Simmons) is lured down the road to perdition by a sensuous general (Sabu). While Kerr would seem most susceptible to fall from grace, she proves to have more stamina than Byron, who delivers one of moviedom's classic interpretations of all-stops-out desire.
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