Douglas County Libraries Foundation


The mission of the Douglas County Libraries Foundation is to support the institutional goals and cultural celebrations of Douglas County Libraries. Douglas County Libraries is a passionate advocate for literacy and lifelong learning.

Areas of Funding


The Foundation continues to secure, manage and invest resources for the support of Douglas County Libraries, its programs and services; and at the same time foster broad community awareness and appreciation for our libraries. Literacy, learning and access are key goals, ensuring that our libraries remain vibrant and relevant for all members of our community.

Sense of Place

We believe our libraries provide a "sense of place" for the community with the hosting of community events, an access point for an array of technology options, and a key investment in young minds and educational growth for the entire community.

Read and Expand Your Mind

Our libraries provide the ever important resources to encourage the literacy of our citizens, propel economic growth, and encourage our youth to read and expand their minds.

Blazing a Trail in the Community

Douglas County Libraries has been blazing a trail and thriving in Douglas County for decades, due very much to the generous support, patronage and growth of the community. We constantly strive to provide exemplary customer service experiences for our guests as well as exceptional programs, activities and events to engage audiences of all ages.