Adventure Pass

Adventure PassPeople have found adventure in our books for years. Now we're bringing you a new kind of adventure!

Douglas County Libraries now offers library card holders Adventure Pass: free passes to Prairie Preschool at the Plains Conservation Center, the History Colorado Center, Dinosaur Ridge, and the Butterfly Pavilion.  Reserve and print passes from your own computer up to 30 days before your visit.

The Plains Conservation Center is an outdoor education facility and state-designated natural area consisting of two sites on more than 8,800 acres. It brings the natural wonder of the prairie to you by preserving a remnant of the Colorado plains, educating the public about its natural and cultural heritage, and nurturing sound conservation and environmental ethics. We have purchased two passes to Prairie Preschool, which meets every Tuesday from 9 to 10 a.m. and from 10:30 to 11:30 a.m. Each pass admits two children.

The History Colorado Center’s hands-on and high-tech exhibits take you back in time, connecting what WAS to what’s NEXT. They’re unexpected, thought-provoking, and relevant. And most of all, fun! Visit the Center for an inspirational journey that will ignite your imagination and touch your heart. Be part of the story. We have purchased two passes per day for the History Colorado Center, each of which admits up to four people. You may also use your pass on the same day to visit the Byers-Evans House, two blocks south of the Center at 1310 Bannock Street.

Dinosaur Ridge is a collection of trails and exhibits designed to help you explore prehistoric Colorado, including real dinosaur tracks and bones millions of years old! We have purchased two passes per day for Dinosaur Ridge, each of which admits up to four people and includes a guided tour.

The Butterfly Pavilion combines science education with interactive fun to teach visitors about invertebrates and conservation. Five immersive exhibits, including a rainforest filled with 1,600 free-flying tropical butterflies, provide a year-round, unforgettable experience. We have purchased two passes per week for the Butterfly Pavilion, each of which admits one child, aged 12 and under.

Take advantage of this great service soon...and let the adventure begin! If you have a great time, please consider supporting these organizations by purchasing a membership.