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Battle of the Books

Important Dates for 2014-2015 Battle of the Books

I’m sure everyone is getting ready for the end of school and is excited for summer! Here at the library we are gearing up for next years Battle of the Books season. That being said, the 2014-2015 schedule for Battle of the Books has been finalized.  Here are the important dates for you to know:

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  • August 1: Book list is released
  • August 11: Books on the shelves
  • September 2: Contracts sent out
  • October 1: Contracts due
  • December 12: t-shirt orders due from schools 
  • February 2 (week of): Battles start
  • March 2 (week of): Branch Quarterfinals
  • March 9 (week of): Branch Semifinals and Finals
  • March 18: BOTB District Competition

If you have any questions please contact your Battle of the Books representatives or local library.

Enjoy your summer and we will see you in the fall!!

For information, as the date draws near, please contact Kerri Morgan kmorgan @