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Assistive Technology at Douglas County Libraries

Douglas County Libraries offers a wide range of free tools and technologies for people living with physical challenges:

Bargain Book Shopping at Douglas County Libraries

Don't forget - we sell bargain books at your library! Find great books at great prices at the Douglas County Libraries. Gently used books are available for sale at several of our branches and proceeds from the sales benefit the Douglas County Libraries Foundation.


Current Environmental Sustainability Practices at DC Libraries

Go Green LogoRoof Sundolier at P.S. Miller LibraryDouglas County Libraries just got a little brighter, and a little greener! Through a donation from the Sunflower Corporation, they installed a Sundolier™ daylight system for no cost at the Philip S. Miller Library. Using solar power and a battery, the Sundolier™ will actually follow the sun, tracking its brightest angle, and disburse the natural light through the main room of the library. This should help reduce electric light and cooling demands, and related emissions.

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