Mobile Printing

Mobile printing at DCLYou can easily print on the library's public printers during library hours regardless of device, network or location. Follow the six easy steps below using your device's browser, or install the PrinterOn App for your iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, or Nook.

Large documents and PDFs may take a few minutes to print.

Step One: Choose the library location:

Step Two: If more than one printer is available at that location, choose the appropriate one. Click the Details button to review the printer's features.

Step Three: Enter an email address.

Step Four: Browse to the file, or enter the URL, of the item(s) you would like to print.

Step Five: Click the green print icon.

Choose Printer, Enter Email Address, Upload File, Click Green Icon

Step Six: Pick up your print job at the Print Release station, identifying it with the email address entered in step three.
Black and white copies are $.10 per page, or $.20 double-sided. Color copies are $1 per page, or $2 double-sided where offered. Mastercard and Visa accepted.